Hu Donglin led the check motor industry information work
In order to further implement the Jincheng Group informatization builds a plan, in November 11th, the group manager, Hu Donglin CIO and enterprise management related to the leadership of the Department to check the motor industry information work.
Hu Donglin fully affirmed the motorcycle industry in information work achievements, he pointed out that the informatization job purpose is to better promote enterprise work, no information will be no modernization of management, not with the advanced enterprises, informatization job to modern enterprise management services, improve operational efficiency. At the same time, he put forward three demands: first, all levels of management personnel must first make clear the thoughts of administration to develop the work of information; two is a ERP system started very early, but later development lags behind, want actively to the China aviation industry informatization benchmarking enterprise learning, learn the successful experience; three is the information work should pay attention to product quality factors to establish a connection, suppliers, production, sales, customer product lifecycle management system.
The motorcycle division Party committee secretary, Jincheng Machinery General Manager Tian Aijun on 2011 motorcycle industry information work, informatization job operation system, information upgrading project implementation and so on to make a report. JinCheng machinery manufacturing department, the purchase & Logistics Department, JinCheng,JP, JinCheng the three countries of precision plastic, JinChenglean and other units of the informatization leadership were also reported this unit informatization construction. Information expert Wu Zhen, Yan Xiaoping and so on motorcycle information work and put forward some suggestions.
After the meeting, Hu Donglin also examined JinCheng machinery, plastic, JCJP, JinChengthe three countries of precision ERP system operation.
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