The group was held on 2012 6S Management Seminar
In order to further strengthen the basic management work group, in December 8th, the group enterprise management department was held 2012 6S management seminars, group vice chairman Cheng Lijia, the headquarters office area Yin Wenli of group group leader, quality, safety Zhang Hongqing of group leader of group of assistant group leader of group of Bai Jie, Gong Xiaofang of group leader of group of industry scene, 6S leadership and enterprise management department officials attended the meeting.
Cheng Lijia points out, 6S management is a basic management work, is to do a good job in other management ways and foundation. He asked the leader of each unit to strengthen attention, forming the 6S management mechanism, according to the plan node requires moving forward step by step, down-to-earth, doing basic management work well. Enterprise management department minister Gong Xiaofang on 2012 6S management puts forward the program requirements. Participants in group 6S implementation plan, 6S compliance review time, scope, standard review identification system reform, overalls, song of the secretary the implementation and so on are discussed, and the next year of the group 6S management agreement.
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