China Jincheng fleet fifth expeditions to Dakar
In December 18th, with " Jincheng, into the world of new power" as the theme of the Chinese team in the thirty-fourth Dakar Jincheng rally ceremony is held ceremoniously in Nanjing. On behalf of Jincheng fleet to respectively are two representative Jincheng participating once finish ( thirty-first, 32 ) of the Jiangsu nationality rider Wei Guanghui, as well as a representative of Jincheng entry (thirty-third ) and finish the race, creating the present Chinese motorcycle team the best book of Argentina car Skul Pablo Oscar ( PASCUAL PABLO OSCAR ) handkerchief.
On the departure ceremony, by the State Sport General Administration of auto transportation center, China Motorcycle Sports Association s Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Peoples Congress Standing Committee, teach Kewenwei committee deputy director Hua Hongxing to Jincheng Group Award of national flag, the flag will vary with the gold team competes in this rally Dakar. Hua Hongxing says in the speech, as the only Chinese motorcade, Jincheng has four consecutive Dakar rally. China Motorcycle teams and drivers are not afraid of strong, dare to struggle, in the international arena and coma, Depp ray, Rodriguez, and other top riders dantal world with field athletics, not only makes the Chinese drivers will be greatly Li Lian, and make its athletic level is further raised; at the same time, Jincheng racing and KTM, Yamaha Honda, BMW, and other brands in the world to start the game, showing the Chinese independent brand strength and ambition, have fully verified Jincheng motorcycle quality, fully demonstrated the Jincheng brand strength.
Hua Hongxing expresses, Jincheng Group for many years the organization to participate in the rally Dakar, spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, fully demonstrated the strength of enterprises and excellent vision, but also for the Chinese enterprises to participate in international sports event, to promote Chinas auto sports and enterprise oneself development to establish benchmarking. He hoped the Jincheng teams and drivers are prepared adequately, continue to carry forward the " overcome hardships and dangers, perfect team, challenge life limit, realize the dream of " the spirit of Dakar, another success.
Group Chairman Jiao Yusong at the ceremony to award Jincheng fleet aviation industrys and the Jincheng group. He was about to set off the gold team all players to say, Jincheng team flag, which represents the team very trust, also on behalf of the endless dream and glory, more representative of the given Jincheng fleet and sacred mission and heavy responsibility. China Jincheng team will continue as one of Chinese motorcycle teams participate in the competition, to shoulder the sacred mission of defending the national honor, shoulder the Chinese motorcycle industry and Chinese independent brand trust and hope. He hoped the Jincheng fleet vigorously carry forward the spirit of Dakar, in the international arena not afraid of strong, dare to challenge, give full play to the competitive level, new record once again writing belongs to China motorcycle sports and Chinese manufacturing industry is new brilliant.
In the speech on the meeting, Li Xiaoyi of secretary of group Party committee the State Sport General Administration of sports management center of China automobile and motorcycle sports association leadership, friends from the press and all concerned Jincheng develop leadership honored guest friends of long-term concern and support expressed gratitude. He reviewed the Jincheng team four campaign rally Dakar course, of Jincheng team the racer and logistical support. Thanks, he hopes the Jincheng fleet vigorously carry forward the spirit of Dakar, in the international arena launched Jincheng Jincheng Group brand, establish a good corporate image, at the same time, it develops into a kind of entrepreneurial spirit and culture, raise the cadres and staff despite difficulties hard, dare to meet the process of enterprise reform development challenges.
The ceremony by the group board of directors, union chairman Xi Renguo presided over the. Jiangsu province automobile and motorcycle sports associations related leadership, group headquarters, each industry is related the person in charge, and driver Wei Guanghui also participated in this event.
In the face of a new tournament, China Jincheng team had made each preparation. In addition to the performance of the car modification, also continue to build a strong technical and support team, as two riders " escort ". The rider prepares, riders Wei Guanghui and Pablo on the track, the understanding of physical training and the desert training adaptations are carefully prepared.
According to the official data of the Dakar rally, the thirty-fourth competition will be held from January 1, 2012 to 15 in Argentina, Chile and Peru have held. The match line from the Atlantic coast of South America across to the Pacific coast, 9000 kilometers in length.
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