Social recruitment
Because the job needs, our company is now recruiting two quality engineer, in order to strengthen quality management and supervision.
Job description:
1, analysis and processing parts quality problems, according to PDCA cycle way to solve the problem;
2, supplier guide;
3, the quality of parts and quality management process improvement.
Specific requirements:
1, college degree or above mid-level title
2, age 30 to 45 years of age;
3, skilled use of AUTOCAD drawing software and OFFICE and other office software;
4, there are more than 2 years work experience in quality management, deal with all kinds of quality problems of business ability;
5, with more than 5 years working experience in mechanical processing industry;
6, familiar with the ISO9001 or ISO/TS16949 standards of quality management system, skilled use of ISO/TS five tools, with internal auditor qualification is preferred;
7, honest, positive enterprising, responsibility heart is strong, work rigorous, resolute; strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company.
Salary: Negotiable
Tel: 025-52690884
Nanjing Jincheng Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd
December 2011
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